Lean. Lift. Load.™

The Ultimate 4'x8' Rack!

RollOnRack (Patent Pending) is a roof-mounted rack for facilitating the simple, safe, and secure transportation of 4’x8’ plywood sheets on top of SUVs or minivans.  It also handles other over-sized materials such as drywall, paneling, fencing, doors, and windows as well as extra long loads such as 14’ long baseboards or PVC pipe.  It's perfect for carrying oversized boxes that won't fit inside the vehicle.  Additionally, it can be adapted to carry recreational gear (i.e. kayaks, canoes, bicycles) as well as household items such as mattress/box spring sets.

RollOnRack Features:

  • Made from strong, lightweight, extruded aluminum.
  • Expands from 6’ to over 10’ in length.
  • Can carry two sheets of 4’x8’ 3/4” plywood.
  • 44" foam roller that allows sheet material to be rolled into the load bed.
  • Can be secured to your crossbars in minutes with a set of four Mighty Mount universal connectors.
  • Fairing to prevent wind resistance and lift.
  • Load clamps secure the material in the load bed.
  • Locking tailgate.
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